Cloud Platform - Fix in progress for Sign in/Sign up errors

UPDATE: The problem is fixed at this moment. Please let us know if you still encounter issues when registering to Cloud Platform.

Hi all,

Due to an upstream issue, registering a new account with our Cloud Platform ( might fail for users coming from the same company and entering a Company Name that already existed in the system.

Problem discussed here: UiPath Comm Edition Registration Issue.

Your feedback hasn’t been ignored and a fix is in progress and will be rolled to Cloud Platform in the following day(s). So, if you encountered this error, please keep your eyes on this topic, as we’ll update you when this is solved. All you have to do after is login. Thank you for being patient and let us know, as usual, of any issues you encounter.


Thank you @ovi for fixing the login issue. :slight_smile:
I had to use different browser for the login issue earlier.


Please review. Orchestrator Cloud Portal Error on

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Hello @ovi. We have team member in Brazil with this Sign Up problems.
Email account:

Hi @tnegherbon. Please have your team member contact support as per this post: UiPath Comm Edition Registration Issue

Thank you for being our best customers :slight_smile:

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