Problem setting "visibility" attribute of UI element

i have an UI element, name, ui
I use Invoke Method activity, with target object ui,
and Method name is “Set”
parameters are

  1. in direction, String type, value “visibility”
  2. in direction, String type , value “2” (i.e. try to change the UI element to not visible and not visible in background too)

running this workflow results in no error, however the uielement is not set to hidden status.

can someone help to correct it such that I can hide the display element on the window in foreground as well as in background ?

Hi @raymondraymond1

Use get attribute activity with aaname and use if condition and then use click activity


Hi AshwinS2,
thanks for the quick response,
I don’t understand the steps of getting “aaname” attribute and test certain conditions (??) and click on the “ui” display element , how does these steps achieve hiding the “ui” element ?

Do you mind elaborate the concept behind ?