Problem sending mails with Outlook

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble to send emails with the “Send Outlook mail message” activity. I’m using a REF, and either it’s in “Success” or “System Exception”, there is no result.
I’ve put several Write line to be sure I have the correct inputs.

It’s not giving any errors but nothing happens (even in the “Sent mail” from Outlook, to be sure it’s not “pending”).

When I copy / paste this activity in a new sequence with nothing else, it works fine.

If you have any insight on the subject I’de be glad to here them :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


Then try using email activity is separate workflow and then use invoke workflow file…check if the mails are going


hi @Geoffroy_Pantegnies ,

There could be 2 Possible reasons that the mails are not getting Triggered :

  1. The Send outlook Activity get some exception
  • This we have tried in the new sequence and its working Fine .
  • Now Here When this activity is being executed with the flow , Check the Details which are being passed such as Receiver Info and other details
  • You can just drag a new send outlook here - pass some default values and see if the mail triggers - If it works - that means you need to look at the values you have passed to the actual activity
  1. The Other Reason - The Activity is not getting executed at all - This You can verify by just putting a breakpoint on the activity and running in debug mode to see if it hits or not - At this same time validate the properties of the activity.


Hi @Geoffroy_Pantegnies

Can you check this

  • You may need to run Outlook as Administrator and change the Programmatic Access settings to “Never warn me about suspicious activity”


@Anil_G @mukeshkala @Gokul001

Thanks for all your answers and sorry to be late for mine, took me some time to be able to try everything.

I’ve been through all your points but even if the activity is indeed executed nothing worked so I ended up using SMTP instead of Outlook and now it’s working as expected :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and have a nice day !


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