Send outlook mail message error

Hello everyone,

I don’t understand why since I have the community edition my “send outlook email” activity doesn’t work as you can see in attach file.
Howevers, I have update the packages, so can you help to found the solution.

You have outlook installed?
(Re)Check the properties of the Activity.

Hi @MigT,

Can you print the value first what in_config(“Email”).tostring has, may be there are spaces or the value is empty.

Can you provide directly the mail address, and see if it’s working

Yes Outlook is installed on my laptop

The value of in_config(“Email”).tostring is my email address.
I try too by adding directly my email address and the problem remains as you can see below:

Hi @MigT,

Is your outlook account configured in outlook.

do you think it could be because I have not an active outlook key?

Outlook doesn’t required all those, just the account needs to be configured in the outlook, and remaining are basic things.

As you can see my account is configured in outlook

Hi @MigT,

Can you provide your workflow, let me try from my end .

Which mail activity package are you using and what is the version of studio

I used “Send outlook activity” and my version of studio is 19.2.0

I used the “Send Exception email” of the ReFramework

Can you update your studio and activities to 2019.3.0

I think that will be the same because with 2018 and 2019.1.0 that was the same and my colleague don’t have this problem.

Hi @MigT,

It works perfectly for me.

Uipath version : 2019.3.0
Uipath.Mail.activities Package version : 1.3.0

As you told for your colleague its working what is the studio and activity package version he or she is using.

We using the same version of activity package and studio

Hi @MigT,

were you able to resolve this issue ??

I am using Studio 2019.12.0-beta.61 Community Edition and Mail activity version is 1.7.2, getting same error as yours