Problem Send Mail SMPT

I have the version Uipath Studio 2020.10.6

When I try to send an email it tells me that it cannot connect to the smtp server and that it timed out.
But doing a connection test through telnet and through powershell, the sending can be done without problems.

Hy @Antonio_Jimenez_Ramirez
check the port Number
check the sever address
check the virus guard

Thanks Fernando.

The port Number, server Adrres and the virus guard is ok because if I execute this command in powershell the result is ok and the mail is send.

The command: Send-MailMessage -To “” -From “no-reply@xxxxx” -Subject “Your message subject” -Body “Some important plain text!” -SmtpServer “x.x.x.x” -Port 25

Hi @Antonio_Jimenez_Ramirez

Have you try changing the secure connection in property to none or change to others (auto,SSL or TLS) as well to check if its working…