Problem in Word Automation

Hi Everyone,

My Solution is Open Excel copy pivot table and paste the table in Word Document. I will open Excel once copy multiple table one by one paste it in Word. I open/close word each time when i do paste. Like that i have more 30 Excel file.

I got an error when i open Word to paste the table.

message: Word and Excel File failed to close normally. Error openning document, make sure Word application is installed at Source: UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities

level: Warning

logType: User

timeStamp: 2020-12-14T12:11:09.5950829+01:00

fingerprint: 3fea60f0-e3b5-4816-aba6-9c0f65147fdf


machineName: RB941075

processName: LCS_PivotProcess_Production

processVersion: 1.0.7647.41977

jobId: 1cb4cc71-11c8-496c-a3fe-21c44b1fce7c

robotName: RB941075 (LCS&RIO)

machineId: 124

organizationUnitId: 1

fileName: Pivot Processing

logF_BusinessProcessName: Framework

Please help me to resolve the issue.

@mukesh - is the license for Office (Word and Excel) setup and activated?