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Hi Team,
I have an excel sheet of 1000 rows which is to be inserted in word template. I am doing UI automation on word document, when the output file is created after that i need to save the file, however ui automation and send keys are also not working because the document is still loading, i am trying to give delay of 20 min still no luck, if I a doing manually the same, it is taking 2 or 3 min, but when tried with Bot, it is not working, can anyone help me in this.

Hi Nagini,

What activities are you using for inserting the datatable?

Possibility for the wait process is to use a Do while loop with an element exists activity, when the element disappear, your workflow will continue.

Regards Robert

Hi Robert
Thanks for the reply, I am using start process activity to open the word document after that i am doing UI automation on word document. I dont have any particular element to check. Once the inserting is done, the file is just like that which we can close manually, but when it coming to bot to do that I am not able to perform uiautomation.

Try Word Application Scope with an Insert Datatable activity.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, But I need to insert specific columns data. can you help me.


You can use Filter data table activity for this.

Regards Robert

Thanks for the reply. I have used vba macros to handle the case and issue is resolved.
if the records are less we can use replace and append activity it also helps

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