Problem in Retry


I have used retry option in one of my project on RE framework. But if a transaction fails it retry at the end of the queue. I want to retry that transaction immediately when the exception occurs. Please help me out.


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It’s expected behaviour but not an issue. Queue will follow First In First Out. If any Transaction Item is failed it will add new item at the end of the queue. So it will process that retried item once all earlier added items processed.

This is still happening. But I want that if any transaction is set to retry it should be retried immediately not at the end.

@megha.devgon.123 What is the problem if it retries at the end of the queue

If there are 1000 transaction in the queue and if the error occurs at 1st transaction then it will retry that transaction item at the end. But we want to retry that same transaction at that time only to save time. In case of multiple files.


Its not possible with using Queue’s.

Is there any way if we can customize in Re framework.


Are you looking for any solution with using Queue’s or Without Queue’s ?

We can retry the failed item immediately if we are not using Queue’s.

Without Queues if we can in RE framework


Yes It will be possible without using Queues. For that you need to mention retry number in Constant sheet under Config file. Then it will retry the failed based on that retry count.

And also you need to change the Transaction Item variable type to required type in whole ReFramework as we are not using Queues now.

Eg. If your TransactionData is of type DataTable then TransactionItem should be of type DataRow.