Immediate Retry Approach for Failed Transactions in the RE-Framework

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I have been asked about this in the interview. In the RE-Framework, if a transaction fails during retrieving a Queue item with the ‘Get Transaction Data’ stage and I want to retry it immediately instead of waiting to process the Queue item at the end of the queue, how should I do it?

Can you provide me with some clear steps or how should the answer be?"


If uts queue based then you can just select retry number in queue

If it is a local transactiontype then give the count of retey in config

Local retry will be immediate…if the question is how to make queue item
Based immediate …then we can manually create logic to add wueue item
With higher priority when failed so that immediately same item is picked and add only till a mac number and for this retry in queue should ve set to 0



It’s based on Queue. In the REFramework, I’m fetching the queue items during the ‘Get Transaction’ stage. My question is, if the current item fails, it usually gets queued at the end for a retry later. But what if I want it to retry right away instead of waiting until all the other items are processed?

How could this be acheived, I couldn’t answer it in the interview


The last explaination is for the same

Instead of queue based retry we would add new queue item in the set transaction system exception sequence…

In that sequence check if the max retry say 3 is reqched…to validate in the specific content add a retry number …which initially would be 0…

Now if there is a system exception and it gors to set transaction status first use if codnition to check if Cint(transactionitem.SpecficContent("Retry").ToString) < maxretry on then side use add queue item and in the retry field of specific content increment the number and add it and also priority of the item can be set to high…this way what happens is as the priority is high the item
Which is added now is picked up as a transaction…

And as we are incrementing retry the condition would fail once retry number reaches 3 and would not add any item once the count reaches max and would move to next item

Hope this helps


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