Basic question about queue retry

hello everyone,

i am using the reframework with orchestrator queue to automate a process.

I have seen that in the event of a system exception, and with queue retry set to orchestrator 2, it recreates a new queue item but puts it at the end.

I would instead need to retry the same item immediately after the system exception. Is it possible to do this? If so, how?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Kumar802

It is possible to retry the same item immediately after a system exception using the REFramework and Orchestrator Queue.

To achieve this, you can modify the “Set Transaction Status” activity. This activity is responsible for updating the status of a transaction in the queue based on the outcome of the process.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Add a new argument to the “Set Transaction Status” activity called “RetryImmediately” of type boolean.
  2. In the “Set Transaction Status” activity, add an If statement to check if “RetryImmediately” is true.
  3. If “RetryImmediately” is true, set the transaction status to “In Progress” and set the transaction retry number to the current retry number + 1.
  4. Add a delay activity before the “Get Transaction Item” activity to ensure that the same transaction item is not processed again before the delay is over.

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what type of value should I assign as input to the immediate retry variable?

Also, should the if within the set transaction status only be in the system exception?


The immediate retry variable should be of a type ‘Boolean’ & you can set the ‘if’ part only in the system exception flow. Why would you try to retry the transaction if throws a business exception, right?

Best Regards.

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i don’t want to retry the biz exception.

The retryimmediately var is set by default to true in the main (Ref)?

it is not very clear to me how to encapsulate the if within the system exception branch of the settransactionstatus. Would you have an xaml to share?

Thanks in advance