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I understand that the Orchestrator Cloud Platform needs no VPN to connect to the Robots as long as I can reach the platform.uipath.com I’ll be able to connect my robot to the orchestrator, is that right?

Also, if I have an enterprise VM that is on but no user is logged in I configured the Orchestrator and UiPath Robot → the Orch will be able to log-in and execute the process?

I’m wondering how this CLoud Platform Connects to on-premise CPD’s and VM’s and logs into them without a VPN.

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Yes, so long as the Robot’s host machine can establish a connecting over port 443 using the HTTPS protocol. However if you are configuring High-Density Robots i.e. multiple concurrent sessions, then RDP/3389 would also be needed from Orchestrator to the Robot as you’d no longer be starting a session using the console.

Please see Robot - Services the Robot Connects to on the services a robot may communicate with.

If you configure the Robot as an Unattended Robot

The Robot Service which is on your private network is establishing the connection to the remote Orchestrator, generally speaking if the inbound traffic is a response to an outbound request any firewall will allow the traffic to flow back to the source.

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