GSuite Path-- Help

Hi, can anyone help me into this please.
I am using gsuite activity , I have to use gmail and drive and every time when i ran my process it is asking me for authentication

i dont want it will aske me again n again.
I am using oAuth authentication, Client Id and Client Secret key.
Please help

Did you check this topic ?

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Hi @Anjali_Rani

Please have a look on this.

Thank you.

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Hi thank you all,
But when i used ServiceAccountURL , while eading gmail , i am getting this error
Any one ,have idea how i can resolve this

Thank you all for Help and suggestions!!

I Got the solution after so many R&d’s and Trials.
On searching mailbox i used Oauthentication and for uploading files on drive i used ServiceAccountURL authentication. And its solved my issue.

Happy Automation :grin:

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