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Hi All,
I am having uipath in citrix desktop and in my workflow 4th step is to take screen shot. I am running the workflow and when i minimize the citrix desktop. Print screen is not working. Please help.

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I’m thinking you need to bring focus to the citrix desktop in order for screenshot to work. So you might try using “Show or Activate Window” to ensure the screen is visible before taking screenshot.

If that isn’t the issue then you might provide further details like if there are any error messages or what is the current behavior of the take screen shot.



Hi Clayton
I want to take screenshot of particular screen in citrix, even when i come out(minimize) of citrix desktop.

Are you using Take Screenshot Activity?

if not, use Take Screenshot Activity with selector of window or element as input.
Output will be a image variable.
then use Save Image Activity to save the image in directory


I did in same way you mentioned.
But when i ran workflow in citrix desktop and minimized
Then i went back to citrix desktop. I got error near save image activity

When a Remote desktop is minimized, the remote session is switched to GUI less mode and doesn’t display Windows/Controls. And automation fails in this case.

Can’t you avoid minimizing the window? What’s the error message you get?

Hey @Charishma

When an application window is minimized, the window cannot ask the window to redraw itself while it is minimized. This is a limitation or we can say a rule of the Windows API.

Well after this if you will ask why windows task-bar shows the preview of specific application when it has been minimized so for information

The taskbar gets around this view by displaying a cached image, Which is the last snapshot the Desktop Windows Manager program took of the window before it was minimized.
You can test this by yourself as well :slight_smile:

Well you your case also you can use the way as @ClaytonM has been already mentioned first activate that window then you will be able to use it.

One thing is confusing me

if it is inside then why you are minimizing the citrix window?

even if anyhow your need then first activate that window inside citrix either by click image or hot keys then maximize that screen then you can take the screen shot of that citrix window(Already an example is available on the forum).

and one more thing you can do at the time if screenshot take process activate your window and then again minimize if it is require for further process.

*Note- Their is an api existed though it would only be of use on Vista or newer and on windows seven if Aero theme will be enabled.

DMW Thumbnail Overview



My usecase is:
Health check use case- I wanted to check whether all the tabs in particular url are loading or not. That particular url has 20 to 25 tabs. And also i wanted to take some data by clicking some particular tabs in that url.
The workflow should run everyday morning and the system will be locked.
can this be done using uipath.
Please provide solution!!

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Yes by using Unattended Automation it can be done.

Unattended Automation

Operating without human touch, the Unattended Robots are the key to maximized cost and performance benefits for any variety of back-office activities. Deployed by Orchestrator to either physical or virtual environments, they self-trigger work and run efficiently in batch mode. Access them remotely, with scheduling, workload management, reporting, auditing and monitoring all securely centralized.

Some points for you-

  1. If you wanna run robot with locked screen Then you can do this with Unattended Robot.It can be started from Orchestrator and can run under a locked screen without human supervision.

To Know More about Attended(Front office Robot) and UnAttended(Back office Robot) go through with below links:


Do you have any idea on how to record the video or capture the screen shot of the unattended robot activity which running on VDI mode and from background?