How to take screenshots background?

I want to take the web page screenshot background use “TakeScreenshot” activity. I access the PC which to run the UiPath robot by remote desktop, and start the robot from UiPath studio. Then minimize the remote desktop window. After a while, when I go back to the UiPath PC, there was an error " System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (6):"

So how to take the web page screenshot background? I did not find any option such like “simulate” in the properties of “TakeScreenshot” activity.

And also I found that when I start the robot and lock the screen, it takes the picture of the locked screen, not the web page I want. How to solve this problem?


For you scenario, you need to configure an Unattended robot, to run under minimised screen as well

If you are running your flow from Studio / Attended robot, then the session should not be minimised and you will face similar issues

Hope this may help you



Ideally you should not be running the bot while the screen is minimized…you either keep it open or let the bot login and perform the activities…

If you try to minimize the exception you are seeing is obvious as it cannot see the elements when minimized

And for locked …you are taking a screenshot if screen and its locked so nothing to take ither than locke screen…thats a functionality

One thing you can try is to check first if the robot is installed in sevice mode…but I am not sure even then you can take with minimized

Alternately try these settings

But if you see the last point you will again see that its ideal to logout