Preview: Try out Integration Service Slack Connector Enhancements


If you’re an Integration Service user, and certainly a user of Automation Cloud, and invite you to try the latest enhancements to the Slack Connector for Integration Service.

The improved functionality enables the Slack Connector to support a “Bot Token”, along with the previously supported “User Token”.

If an instance is created using “Bot Token”, messages can now be sent as a Slackbot to an individual user or in a channel. The connector also supports sending messages to a channel by using both the channel name and the channel ID. Additional activities such as “Send Message to Channel”, “Send Message to User”, “Create User Group”, “Get User by Email” etc. have also been added.

DEMO: Slack Connector Enhancements

How to Get Started

  1. Goto “” and “Sign in” to your UiPath account
  2. In the home page, on the left menu bar, click “Integration Service”
  3. Under “Connectors” tab, search for Slack
  4. After clicking on Slack connector, click “Add Connection”
  5. On the connection page, select between “Bot Token” or “User Token”
  6. Click on “Connect”. It takes you to Slack authorization page.
  7. Select the workspace and click “Allow”. The connection should be successfully added
  8. Now, from Slack’s connection page, navigate to “Studio” on the left menu bar.
  9. Under “Projects” tab, click “New Project”. Provide a name and select “Manually” or “Event based” or “Time based” under “How to start automation”. Click “Create”
  10. Click on “+” and search for Slack. You can select any activity such as “Send Message to Channel”
  11. Provide the inputs in the activity. For example, in “Send Message to Channel”, provide the “Channel name” and “message” to sent
  12. Click “Run” at the top left corner of the project. If the activity was configured correctly, the automation should complete successfully.


  1. Valid Slack account must have already been setup before adding connection on the Slack connector
  2. If the Slack account is a non-UiPath corporate account, that needs Admin approval for installing the UiPath OAuth2 app, the same needs to be approved before creating instance on the connector.

Known limitations

  1. The channel lookup/dropdown is not retrieving all the channels unless the user manually scrolls to the bottom
  2. No events supported currently on Slack

Your feedback is very welcome! Please contact us with any questions and comments!

Thank you.


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