UiPath Integration with Slack - how to configure it?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been trying to configure communication between Slack and UiPath using UiPath.Slack.Activities Package.

I encountered a problem with Configuration within Slack Scope. Has anyone had any previos experience with the package and could help me solve it?
I’d like to send messeges to Slack’s workspace when a certain condition occurs in my automated process.

Thank you in advance!


Have a view on this doc with slack activities

It has got example on each activity

Cheers @Piotrek_Murawski

You can have the native integration by creating the API link via orchestrator, then you will be able to use the activity you are trying to use in screenshot.

Below video shows how to create the API based integration:

UiPath DevCon 2021: Working with Native API based Integrations - YouTube

Below steps for the Slack setup:

Setup (uipath.com)

Alternatively, you can have a look at your requirements closely and see if the below video can help you, that shows the slack integration via webhooks, basically if the chatbot is doing the text based triggers only.

UiPath send text to Slack very fast via Webhooks (Chatbot) - YouTube

Hi @Palaniyappan, @rahulsharma, thank you for your comments. Didn’t have time to repond to them earlier.

I’ve tried your suggestions and it helped solving some issues but I still cannot configure an existing connection and I don’t know why.
Please fnd below screens with communication I received:

  1. After configuring Slack API and get OAuth Token I received this

  2. Even though Connection is succesfull Scope activity keeps showing this:

Do you have any idea why Slack Scope still needs Exiisting Connection?