Press and Hold Captcha Questions

Has anyone ever had to handle these press and hold captchas before? If so, what have you done in order to get through them?

I have been looking around and checking out forums around the topic. I see a lot talking about reCaptcha and such, but nothing specific showing off this one in particular, so I am just curious if the community here has come across it :slight_smile:

press and hold captcha

this is interesting @mrtnader

is it possible for us to access this particular site? Just it’ll be better to try there

That’s easily possible using AutoHotKey, but will have to see how can achieve this in UiPath, would have to give a try.

Hey there! This is where I am going to where it pops up: Get Customized Loan Quotes From Zillow

Hope that helps some.


Yes, you can.
In the Click activity, choose CLICK_DOWN in ClickType property

Cheers @mrtnader

What I have noticed is that when it pops up, I am not sure how to pause my process. It still runs in the background though nothing on the webpage gets refreshed, so it just loads the same data over and over. Not sure how to target that pop up for whenever it appears randomly.

that’s possible…
element exits to see the pop-up
and if it appears, then a do while with a condition of that element to disappear, in that you can do whatever you need to get the pop-up go vanish.

Regarding Click Down, I think it’ll not work. with that, press and hold will be for few seconds. There’s no parameter to add the condition for how long that needs to be hold

May be @Palaniyappan can enlighten us how he achieved this using Click down