How to pause a process for entering captcha by human and resuming afterwards after clicking the submit button

hello, I am a rookie at Uipath . and im trying to automate a simple resume using credentials from excel at a website. At the time of logging I need to be reminded by the process for entering the captcha and resume the process by clicking submit button after i enter the captcha. the process goes as below steps

1 - start process and automate the login credentials
2 - pause the process by a message box after providing credentials (time for entering captcha)
3 - enter the captcha manually and clicking submit
4 - resume the process by clicking sub,it button as trigger . It delays for 5 seconds after i click submit and resume the process of entering details for resume building.
5 - continue the resume building from the values i give

I use community edition and could not use paid services. Please tell me a way so I would enter captcha manually and resume the process after i trigger it suing submit button.

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @Srikavya_n,
Use a “Input dialog activity” when you want to enter captcha, here step 2
In the inputbox enter the captcha value, and click submit.
the output of the activity contains the captcha value, you entered.
use a type into activity on the captcha input field and pass the value you got from the second step.
continue your process.

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i will give it a try and let you know

but my captcha style doesnt need input dialog. I need to merely fill a tick a check box . or select images with some attributes. (like for eg - please check all boxes containing street signs ). and submit after clicking related image snippets.
or check a box with tick to confirm you are not a robot

Use wait until ,
track elements on the click button and wait for “mouse click” and proceed