Predict the next process failure time

Predict the next process failure time

Use Case Description

In a dynamic environment, the RPA process can be failed for any reason and this would create a lot of the problem for the RPA team as well as the end-user. To mitigate the risk, the availability of the right resource at that time would be required. In this use case, we will be having an AI model that can predict the next process failure time via the orchestrator logs. The orchestrator robot log would work as the input for the model and will return the next failure of the process as an output.



Other information about the use case

Industry categories for this use case: BFSI, Compliance, Customer Service, Finance, Healthcare Pharma, HR, Information Technology and Services, Legal, Logistic, Manufacturing, Marketing Sales, Operations, Telecom, Other Sector

Skill level required: Advanced

UiPath Products that were used: UiPath Studio, UiPath AI Center, UiPath Orchestrator

Other applications that were used: -

Other resources: you can refer to to see how APIs work in uipth

What is the top ROI driver for this use case?: Minimize risk and ensure compliance in operations