Practice 3 - Data Scraping & UI Elements Unclear

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I have troubles to with the exercise Practice 3 - Data Scraping & UI Elements.
When it comes to the part of Data Scraping, I follow the solution, but I don´t get any URL retrieved. Also, it suddendly says "indicate ‘Abbyy – Flexicapture Connector’ which hasn´t been explained so far.

I have downloaded all related packages, and the application itself.
But how should I use “‘Abbyy – Flexicapture Connector” after my Data Scraping?
I really don´t know how to use it in UiPath Studio, should I drag it in as a tool afterwards, or connect it somehow?

I appreciate any help since I can´t find any solution/explaination. Especially if anyone has completed the exercise and could eplain me this part.

Thanks in advance!
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This is the part I´m stuck in:

  • Indicate the WIID of the first element and click Next in the Wizard window. Write 0 in the Maximum number of results textbox (to extract all the lines) and then click on Finish. indicate ‘Abbyy – Flexicapture Connector’. Then you can configure columns: check Extract Url and rename the columns : “Title” (instead of Column 1) and “URL” (instead of Column 2).
  • When prompted with the pop-up that askes if the data is spanning multiple pages, press yes and indicate the ‘Next’ button on the ACME page.
  • Check the SimulateClick option in Properties and set a lower timeout - for example, 3000.

Hi @emilsilva333 ,

The course and the exercises/solutions that you have mentioned was build based on the earlier version of UiPath. Since then UiPath studio has been changes a lot. So do not get confused. Its really simple. Follow the following steps. There is a URL in the Action button on the page (Extreme left) and if you want to extract the URL from it as well.-

  1. Click on extract Data table.
  2. Select the WIID.
  3. Click No to this pop - up -
  4. Click on second similar element
  5. Next you will get the below Pop up. Here you can rename the Column 1 to WIID and if the text also contains the link, check the second check box.

    But in our case, WIID column dont have link. So we will leave it. Click Next and you will get this screen-
  6. Now click on Extract Correlated data button and this time we can extract the Action button link like below -

Like this you can extract any column and its link as well.

Hope this helps.


Dear Devyani,
Thank you so much for your fast answer. I´ve been stuck here for a while because of this, and the “abby flexicapture connector” instructions!

Very kind of you to show me the solution with the screenshots!
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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I am happy to help. Please mark my comment as solution so that the query is marked as closed.


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