PowerShell script time out setting

Hello guys,

Now i am deloveloping a UiPath robot within powershell script which is used to format an excel file. For that, such statement “$xlApp = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application” is taken in that script. but sometimes it failed due to the excel error ( Excel stopped working ) . and the robot will be pending on the invoke powershell script, how can i fix this issue? many thanks.

Hi @rudy,

If this occurs in a single machine, check office installation and update if anything required. Better to check in a different machine as well with the same workflow.

No, all the machines in our company may give this error during the robot execution.

Then check the powershell scripts, once done with all the tasks in excel you have to release the com object.

Try something like the following in your powershell script

Remove-Variable E

Actually i complete my powershell like below:

$xlApp = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application;

$xlApp = $null;

It failed in the first statement.