Power Automate throws error on making HTTP call to Orchestrator api . Error : UnresolvableHostName

Hello guys ,
I am trying to create a flow in Power Automate which hits the http api request to start jobs in uiPath on-prem Orchestrator .

But , I am getting the below error :
Error : UnresolvableHostName. Http request failed with status code ‘NameResolutionFailure’ and status message: ‘The remote name could not be resolved: ‘orchestratornonprodrs.xxx.com’’.

I was able to hit the uipath api’s using swagger and postman .

Out network has no restriction to any of the microsoft services . I checked whether the below microsoft services are blocked in our network , but no restrictions .
graph.microsoft.com , *.flow.microsoft.com,login.microsoft.com , login.windows.net
, login.microsoftonline.com , secure.aadcdn.microsoftonline-p.com .

I need the forum’s help in resolving the issue . Attaching the error snapshot . T

Thanks in advance .


Hi @Cool_Bot_9893

Kindly refer below link

Hope this helps

Also have a look on this thread

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Hey Nikhil ,

Thanks for your response . :):

I went through the links you shared which I already went through where he has put videos on connecting power automate to cloud orchestrator but not with on prem orchestrator .

I followed the videos of @Cristian_Negulescu . but he is also not sure on how to resolve the error UnresolvableHostName (maybe turning off ssl in power automate as per his suggestion).

Let me know your thoughts .


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I don’t have a video answer for this. I don’t have a tested solution for this but I can share with you discussion that you will try:

  • you need to move the Orchestrator public KEY to the PC where you will run Power Automate and put this on Trusted Root Certificate

  • To export self certificated you need to do this on Orchestrator Machine:
    Using a Certificate for the HTTPS Protocol

  • on the Power Automate machine you need to do this:
    Using a Certificate for the HTTPS Protocol

    That’s all that I know, I issue you good luck and please provide some feedback here maybe someone else knows more stuff.

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Hi Cristian ,

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

I exported the Domain certificate and imported to the Trusted Root certificate of my local machine where I am running the flow .Still it is throwing the same error .

Do you have any other work around I should be trying out .

Thanks ,

Unfortunately, I don’t have other ideas.

Hi @Cool_Bot_9893 , @Cristian_Negulescu .

Was this issue resolved. I am also encountering the same issue. if resolved, please suggest how this issue was addressed.


Encountering the same issue if anyone has any ideas please?