How to link up Power Automate HTTP with OR External Application

Hi all,
I have created an External Application on Orchestrator and I want to link it up with Power Automate, however it respond with Status Error 404 “Bad Request”.

My main goal is to have Power Automate add a queue in UiPath Orchestrator when the end user triggers it.

Hi @tzekailim

while creating external application in Orchestrator did you use Application Scope or User Scope.

check out this documentation

Granting permissions under user scope means that the external application can access those resources within a user context and a user with the appropriate permissions must be logged in.

With permissions under application scope, the external application has access to application-wide data for the selected scopes without the need for user interaction.]

Application Scope

Hi @tzekailim,

Please refer this post : azure active directory - oAuth2.0 with Microsoft flow(Power Automate) and then accessing protected API - Stack Overflow

The body needs to be specified differently in Power Automate. I was able to generate token with the correct body format.

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Yep, took me awhile to find out that the body format has to be in specific format.

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Glad you are able to resolve the issue.! :slight_smile:

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