Possibilities and Limitations of UiPath

Hello I have a few questions as we are considering starting using and automate with UiPath.
could you help us to tell in which scope it is possible with UiPath?

  1. Freedom to install any tool or dependency needed in a workflow
  2. Cloud Infra Orchestration
  3. Self-Created Custom Plugins with Form Based Parameters
  4. Trigger workflows based on external Webhook
  5. Trigger workflows based on Git specific events
  6. Freeform Code Actions
  7. Code Builds
  8. Build Docker Files/Images
  9. Workflow Configurations - Environments
  10. Any parameter can be turned into a code field
  11. Ease of use of the SDK
  12. Workflow triggers another workflow
  13. Internal Workflow Template Gallery
  14. Workflow Execution Input Forms
  15. Loops
  16. Conditional Actions
  17. Execution Duration for a specific workflow example

If something is possible or limited somehow if you could explain it in oneliner we would be happy for help.

All of this is possible. If you want a better answer than that, do your own research!!!

Hi @SoniaS,
I would say that the best answer for this is that you can perform anything that you would need to perform manually. Any repetitive task, clicks, data processing, distribution, management etc. Everything is possible. As we used to say: “Sky is the limit”.

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Do you know the limitations of using BDD testing with UiPath?