UiPath Capabilities and Planning

Hello, @codemonkey, thanks for Your clarifications!

We need to implement a similar use cases with UI Path:

  1. There’s a desktop application running in a Windows Remote Desktop session open on a user’s workstation.
  2. User clicks a link in a Web-based BPM application running on the user’s workstation (or better UI Path Orchestrator API is called from the BPM application)
  3. UI Path starts a Workflow that selects necessary menus / opens screens in the Remote Desktop window and presents those screens to the User.
  4. User completes task in the Remote Desktop and continues working with the BPM application on his workstation.

The questions are:

  1. Is the scenario feasible with UIPath?
  2. Which UIPath components and infrastructure would be required?
  3. Which an how many UIPath licenses will be needed to implement this kind of systems interaction?

Thanks a lot in advance!