UiPath for Automation Testing

I am planning use UiPath Community addition to automate close to 300 regression scenarios, with each scenario navigating at least a few of the 10 web pages. I can’t have all the scenarios in a single workflow as each scenario takes too many deviations in the flow. with that said, I have 2 questions.

  1. Can I use multiple workflows as part of single bot?
  2. Can each scenario be driven by using a test data (like automation tool’s data driven testing)?

You can use multiple workflow and invoke each file from your Main file using invoke workflow activity. Then you can use this package for a single bot.

To send test data, you can create an excel sheet to set the test data, which you can send to your workflows as parameters.

Thanks Rupesh. . As community edition offers only 2 bots, I just wanted to confirm whether its a possibility. I shall try and post the results on how it goes.

Yes its possible, just invoke your workflows from your main file. Create a single package and assign it to your bot. Try this out, Let me know if you face any difficulty.

hi there, have u created a workflow for testing multiple scenarios and generating report for the test results?