Limitations of uipath tool


Can someone please answer to the below questions.These questions are asked by a client during demo.Im new to uipath.Can some one point me to resources if can
1.Limitations of uipath community edition

2.which is efficient microsoft power automate or uipath

3.Limitations of uipath tool

4.Cost of uipath enterprise edition

5.Can multiple processes run parallel using uipath

For Uipath limitations and cost, Refer this → Community Edition restrictions or limitations

  1. Multiple Backgroun processes can run simultaneously on a machine, Even if a Foreground
    process is already running. Meaning Multiple Background processes and only one
    Foreground process in parallel.
    Background processes does not require UI Interactions While Foreground processes rely on
    UI Interactions.
    By default, all processes are marked as foreground, unless you specified as background.

Thanks karuna.But im specially looking for uipath as a tool and community edition limitation with respect to capabilities