Populate information in datatable (excel)

Populate information in datatable (excel)

Hello community,

I want to try to populate in a column the status (OK or REJECTED) of each document. I used read range for get the datatable, the status is got in a web site for that reason I captured the status in a variable with Get Value activity, I need to put this string value in the row according to the document number


Anyway you are using for each row loop right?

this is how you will pass the document right row(“Clearing Document”).tostring, right?

the same way you can print the status in excel using assign activity

row(“Status”)= Get text variable

Hi @david.grijalba,

You can use if condition in body of foreachrow as

If(row(“Clearing Document”).ToString = getTextValue.Trim)


row(“Status”) = “OK”


row(“Status”) = “Rejected”