Rewrite certain values in existing excel

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I had given a task where is scrap the rating from email and update in the above excel. I should also change the status as “assessment Completed” with time stamp only when the rating is available and written in excel. how to overwrite this .


1, Read the Excel and convert to Datatable using For Each Row
2, Inside the body
3, Assign the value to row(“Rating”).tostring
4, then using IF condition based on the rating updated the status column (row(“Status”).tostring)

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Input :



Variable Pane:

Same Way In the If condition - You can specify Your own condition and update Date as well.



Good afternoon Soumi,

You could also read the range from Excel, update the values in a for each loop, and then just write the entire range back to Excel at once.


pic I am facing this error.

I would like tell you the full steps in detail
But may I know what we’re going to scrape based on which we are going to update
Kindly elaborate this pls

And the reason for the above error is if condition can take only BOOLEAN inputs
While row(“Status”).ToString is a string value
We can validate like

But that’s the reason why I m asking for that description in a elaborative way so that we can use a exact condition to be used here in if condition
Cheers @soumi_soumiya

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Thanks for your reply…
My task to select the key supplier from the given database and send them the risk assessment form.The key supplier id, Email, and status with timestamp I had updated in an excel as given below.

Then the supplier or the client fills up the form and sends me as given below.
This is the feedback form I what that I receive in the mail. I need to scrap the number and average performance. When the scraped number is matched with id mentioned in the excel the rating gets entered in the rating column. Now I need the change the status as risk assessment received and also the received time in the time stamp. I don’t know how to overwrite only for a particular value that has a rating.
I uploading my workflow too…
Flowchart.xaml (18.6 KB)

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Sorry for the delayed response
I saw your workflow and I was editing it
But sorry my lap got switched off
—no worries
I will tell you the steps to be followed
—along the sequence from select method in assign it was fine
—while remove all activity from that assign activity with select method
—hope these steps would help you resolve this
Use a for each row loop and pass the input as get_id -the datatable variable
—inside the loop use a if condition like this
If this is true it will go to THEN apart where we can include assign activity like this
row(“Status”)=“Assessment completed”

—then after this for each row use a write range activity where pass this datatable as input and make sure that Add Headers property is enabled

Cheers @soumi_soumiya


Any other queries to be discussed buddy
Cheers @soumi_soumiya

Thanks for your reply…
I am trying with my flow it got merged so starting new flow. Once trying ur suggestions i will let you know buddy

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which one are you saying can be more clear please

hai Row(0) cant be quoted in my flow. this my full workflow hope so now it will be clen clear about my flow Main.xaml (40.4 KB)

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No worries
If possible can I have screenshot of the sequence as I don’t have the system with me
But I can tell the next steps with the screenshots
Cheers @soumi_soumiya

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Thanks for your reply…
I had got cleared with my sequence thanks for guidance

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Cheers @soumi_soumiya