Im reading two excel sheets and store in DT1 and DT2 then there is a column in DT1 which is Document Description so if there any rows in Document Description i want to write " Ok" in Status column which is in DT2 please help this is urgent

Abc Select Document Description
Row 0 * Original Certficate of Registration
Row 1 * Original licence
Row 2 (null) "Copy of licence
Row 3 (null) MTA 6
Row 4 (null) MTA 8
Row 5 * "MTA 3
Row 6 (null) 2 photos of customer
Row 7 * "Deletion letter
this is DT1

Contract No VNumber CR RL DEL M-3 ET Status
ABLE214467234 AAH-7819 * * * *
ABLE214467411 WP AAX-3166 *
ABLE214467444 CP YO-7088 * *
ABLE214467477 EP ABA-7799 *
APUV211111348 NP BHK-0877 * *
HQLE214467489 EP ABH-8048 * *
HQLE214467490 AAF-1839 *
HQLE214467522 YU-4146 * *
this is dt 2

Hi @Pubudu_Dilshan use a “For Each Row” in Datatable DT1 taking each rowindex in a variable intDT1index. Then use an IF activity… IF CurrentRow(“Document Description”).ToString.Trim <> “” Then DT2(“Status”)(intDT1index) = “Ok”

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Thanks for the solution @avejr748 but it gave me some error can you help me out

Hi @Pubudu_Dilshan, your flow should be something like this

I was answering before from imagination so I swapped the column and row values, it should be DT(intDT1index)(“Status”)

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Thank you!@avejr748

Hi @Pubudu_Dilshan ,

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