PNG TO Word and PDF

I have a lot of PNG files in a folder and i want to collect all the data from them one by one and then save them in a Word file according to each page. Attached screenshot below. Please guide me on which activities I need to use for this task and provide me with the complete flow.


You can use OCR activity to read the data… then can use word activities to write it to word… you can save as pdf as well… Here is a sample workflow


See the file sequence.xaml (3.5 KB)

Hope this helps


Thanks. but the issue is that i have 100 of png files in folder. i want the bot which read png one by one and then get the text and paste on word file and append it.

Can u please explain more in detail.

Thank u


Use this inside a for each file in folder activity …


We need to use load inage to get the image

Then ocr to read the image

Then use word scope to write text to word and then save it as pdf…append text will already append only so your data gets appended in the loop also

Now if you want for multiple files then use this inside a for each file in folder and pass currentfile.FullName which will give the full filepath for each file in the given folder

Hope this helps


I have completed the previous task, but now I want to take the data from a message box (which contains PNG file data) and insert it onto a Word document. After that, I want to save the Word document into a specific folder with a name such as “01.docx/02docx/.03docx end 100 plus”. Then, i want to convert all the Word documents into PDF files with the same names.

Please review this process and suggest any additional steps if necessary.

Online Work Images to (491.0 KB)