Please help: Open Browser: Cannot find column 1

Hi guys, I’m trying to make an activity where I have a .xlsx table with some links, and for each row I want to open the browser and scrape for 2 elements on the page. The error I get so far is “Open Browser: Cannot find column 1.” Can you please have a look?

Also how can I close the tab after the data is scraped on one page so i don’t have a bunch of tabs open?


Hy @madalin.slaniceanu if you are using a excel remove the hyper link
can u send a screenshot of the error

Thanks for your response @Tharusha_Fernando. I’ve attached a screenshot. Also, the hyperlinks in the excel are off.

try to mention your column by name ex - row(“Email”).tostring

yass, that worked, thanks a lot @Tharusha_Fernando ! My next issue is regarding the fact that after all the browsers open, in the write range I only get the last result and not all the results that are scraped. Do you have any clue here?

@madalin.slaniceanu, since you are running a loop, the extracted results gets replaced by the next item thereby leaving only the last item. Try to change your Excel (Write Range) file names like this:

"C:\Users\offic\Desktop\write range\ " + row(“website”).ToString + “.xlsx” and you should be able to see the results of all the extractions.

If you want the results to be in a single file then you can use row(“website”).ToString as the sheet name.

If you want the results to be in the same file then you can use Append Range instead of Write Range.

Hope this helps.