Please Help me with this

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar ,

Is this a web app?

Yes. It is. How can I solve this Problem?? Can you Guide me??

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar ,

You try below steps:

1 - Scrape the data from the screen you have shared.
2 - Use foreach loop and iterate each item one by one
3 - Use click text inside body of loop (Click text selector should be dynamic)
4 - Scrape the data from the new page that get opened after click.
5 - Use Append activity to Append the data in excel.

Hope this will help you.
Let me know if you have any issue.


@ermanoj3101 First of all I would like to thank you for explaining the steps in detail.
I have followed the above mentioned steps-
But in output i will get the data of that selected number(link) and it will append the same result again and again.


Can you tell me where am I doing wrong??

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar ,

I believe you are using Append activity instead of merge.