Please help for state machine

i am new to uipath and working hard to learn the logics. since i am from Fashion field hence trying to understand VB and SQL Language.

i want to automate this below site in state machine and want to download attachments when i click on each topic.

so i want to create loop and want to make selector in variable. How to do that?

REFramework is overkill for a beginner, and overkill for such a simple automation. Best way to learn is just to start a new blank project and write it from scratch.

i did but want to know to create loop in downloading part. failed to apply this logic.

Show us what you have.

each SERIAL NO has attachment one, two or more. so how can i create a loop like it clicks on 1st Serial no then going back to another one then downloading the attachment.

Hi @taruna.mehra ,

This how the workflow will look like

Flowchart.xaml (17.9 KB)

thanks and am unable to create loop on this


Look into using the Find Children activity to find all the link objects to click. Then you loop through that.

This isn’t really a good way to do this. If there is a failure, you lose your place. If records are added to the list after you scrape, the automation won’t pick them up. It’s better to just get the first record from the table, process it, then reload the URL to refresh the list and get the first item again - assuming items disappear from the list after being processed.


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Thanks for sharing and all objects are based on clicks. the file is downloading and saving but then click is not going to next row.

What issue you are getting?

I have just created skeleton of it, not the whole working solutions.
Some Amendment required to it.

When one attachment has been downloaded then it’s going on the same attachment instead of going to next one

Make back button selector dynamic, it’s failing on that point.

It will work

Ok will do that however just want to understand why it’s not working on this workflow.


can you send me your workflow ?

test.xaml (14.1 KB)

Hi @taruna.mehra ,

The xaml file that you have share is not even have element inspected properly.

It’s a suggestion to work on selectors as you still have to go long.

test_community.xaml (17.3 KB)

I have improve your selectors, please find the attached test file.


Just want to understand one thing how to make loop. do we need to edit the selectors?