(k[down]) loop


I am a novice using Uipath and i am trying to create a loop on (k[down]).
Indeed, i would need to select a dropdown list during the flow and select the 1st line, then let continue the flow and on the dropdown list select the 2nd line, then let continuer the flow and select the 3rd item of the dropdown line etc… untill the end of the process (approx 300 times).

I tried the flow in attachment but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Can someone has some idea ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Use select item activity instead of down the list items

Hello sarathi125,

Thanks for your reply.
Sorry, i think my question was not clear enough. I have to go through each item 1 by 1.
Indeed, the full process is :

  1. Select the department 1
  2. Edit the documents
  3. Select the department 2
  4. Edit the documents
  5. Select the department 3
  6. Edit the documents
    etc… untill the 300 documents are edited



Check the attached workflow, it will help you.

SetKeyPosition.xaml (7.3 KB)

Hi @Aurel, You can try doing inside the while a click before the send hot key to keep the focus there. Try that and tell us if works for you.

Hi sarathi125, carmen,

Thanks for sharing your ideas :slight_smile:

I tried your file but unfortunately it does not work… or i am too novice for this level… Indeed, i do not understand all your file but i tried just a simple k[down] in a type into and the system is writting and not going down.
Or maybe i am using it in a wrong way.

I am actually trying the loop methodology with Send Hotkey but as you exactly noticed, the system is going down 300 times and then continue the script. I am looking how to going down 1 time then conitnue the script and on the next loop, going down 2 times and the next one, 3 times.

I will continue to investigate and let you know if i find an idea :slight_smile:

If you have others ideas, they are welcome :slight_smile: