Please guide me about html in uipath

Please guide me about html in uipath

In activity Send Outlook Mail Message.
I want in body mail is below

Dear Colleagues,
I write inform you about…

( I want paragraph in line 2 , Please guide me about it)

@fairymemay Do you want it in this way :

Write message in html and use IsBodyHtml property check
and use it in body

Here you will get more info

Hi @fairymemay,

You can simple use vbCrLf (newline specifier)
like this —> "Dear Colleagues," +vbCrLf+"I write inform you about…"


you can create html body
"Dear Colleagues,<br><br>I write inform you about…"
here you have to check IsHtmlBody property

“Dear Colleagues,” +
I write inform you about… "+

Paragraph2 in second line”+

Like above you can assign into one message_body variable with assign activity and then you can use the for sending email


@samir I use "Dear Colleagues," +vbCrLf+"I write inform you about…"



but not have paragraph.

sampleHtmlBody.txt (152 Bytes)

Please assign the content in a variable with Assign activity and try it once

Now it show.

but I want below


@fairymemay Try this :

“Dear Colleagues<br><br><p style = ‘text-indent : 5em;’> I will Inform you about</p>”

with IsBodyHtml Property to True

@supermanPunch I think

is not work.



@fairymemay It Worked for me actually :sweat_smile: , Can you type the Text that I have sent, instead of Copy paste and check if it works.

@supermanPunch I use text from you send but same.

@fairymemay Yes. If you Copy and paste the Whole Text it Won’t Work. Just Copy the Text Inside the Double Quotes and Paste it as a String inside the Body Property of Send Outlook Mail Message Activity

@supermanPunch If use text inside double quotes is error.


@fairymemay Add double Quotes at the Start and the End. It Should look like the Below Image.

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