Environment.NewLine does not work in 'Reply to Outlook Mail Message' activity

I tried to use the ‘reply to outlook mail message’ activity which is available in 1.4.0 and above version of UiPath.Mail.Activities. Since there is no properly call ‘isBodyHtml’ as we have seen it in the ‘Send outlook mail message’ activity, I tried using Environment.Newline cmd. But for some reason, it does not work for that activity. Are there any other alternatives for this issue?

Thanks in advance

Not sure, but give a try with vbcrlf.

If not worked above use tag “
” or vblf may also work in string

Thanks for your response, actually i have tried using vbcrlf and vrlf but non worked. Thankfully (br) works. Replace ( with < and ) with > since i could’nt even use the cmd on this reply.

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Hi @Govindan,

Could you please share the syntax of how to pass (br) within the body of reply outlook mail message.

You can pass BR as above

@Atrimal gave the syntax. i was not able to include the <,> while typing here.

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