Please be kind! I'm just starting out in RPA

I have a sequence setup with a retry scope 3 attempts with 2 seconds between each attempt.
I have a Write Line with System Time just before the process goes into the Retry Scope
The first thing in the Retry Scope is another Write Line again with System Time
The Retry scope is sending 3 Send Hotkeys Actions to Excel to Open the Open Dialog box (Alt+F, O, O)
The condition is set to: Element Exists based on Open Dialogue.
The First message appears 1 minute and 18 seconds before the second message.
Now I know the machine isn’t that slow, what could be going wrong please?

Seems strange talking to myself, but I have just realised the default timeout on a Element Exists is 30 Seconds, I needed that to be an instant check as I know it doesn’t happen quick enough. I may have solved my own problem. But thought I’d share for anyone else having issues with Element Exists!

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That works THANKS DAVE!

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