Best Way to handle element exist in bowser

Hi devs, please assist, I am using element exist to check when a window is available but the timing changes sometimes 15 mins, other 10mins dynamic so element exist times out and the bot fails. Any suggestion please?

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Use that element exists inside a RETRY SCOPE activity

Where retry scope activity has two sections in it


Inside the ACTION part Keep all the activities you want to perform once that element exists or appears

Inside the CONDITION part use that element exists activity

With the property of retry scope mention as
Number of retries- 50
Time interval - the time value you want to have between each retry

This would work on all cases either it is 20 mins or 10 mins or 10 secs

Have a view on this doc for more details about the activity

Cheers @RPA-botDev

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working with retry scope helps to handle these dynamics

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Thanks @Palaniyappan

Hi Palaniyappan, I discovered that when the element exist, on action to click it skips one file and goes to the next file.Please assist

Can you elaborate a bit more and kindly create a new topic as this is closed

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