Picture-in-Picture not starting


I am facing problems with starting a bot in Picture-in-Picture (PiP).
It used to work but since the new installation (version 20.4.1) I can’t make the bot run in PiP.
I enabled PiP in the Debug window and marked the bot as PiP ready and to start in PiP. Nothing worked…

Can anyone help me or tell me which other setting I have to set?

Thank you for your help,

What version of windows are you running? Windows 10 home? Windows 10 pro? Etc.

It’s Windows 10 Enterprise

Please see link to documentation and make sure that PIP is enabled.

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When I try to find the variable PiP in my command prompt I get the following error


Is this related to my installed version?

That option (PiP) is not available in version 20.4.x

I am also facing the same issue.

For me the version was the problem, I had a beta version installed. I am now working with 2020.4.1 and PiP works again.

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