Picture in Picture

I need to add picture in picture feature to a process that is already in production. Thousands of people use this bot. How do I go about updating the PIP feature? Do I have to log in with credentials for each machine using the bot every time or I just do it on my machine for the bot and update the bot it will work for each machine using the bot? I am very lost as to how to process the Picture in Picture option to all the users

Hi @Jayalakshmi_Vellanki !!

If you navigate over to the Project Settings there is an option to start the bot using PIP. Publish your automation after changing this setting and you should be all set :wink:

I do not see that option in the project settings . I need to activate it first right and when I do that it asks for credentials which is fine but it says that the credentials will have to be added each time PIP is activated which will not be possible because agents will not have the administrative credentials to do that