Pick elements from Multiple invoice with different format

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I am new to UIpath and working in a project. Can you please suggest me on below :

We have multiple invoice but with different formats . I want my bot to pick elements in Invoice (For eg :Description ,Unit, Rate, Amount etc ). And it should run on any Invoice with different formats
For example : In 1st invoice i want to pick values from Description ,Unit,Quantity,Etc and In 2nd Invoice Description of product,unit,Qty etc (Titles are different but meaning is same).

Let me know if you have any doubt in my question.

Try to use REGEX option where will start by “Description…” + Regex syntax.

A lot of different templates do you have?
For me thsi works perfecto.

Also in one invoice template it is Quantity and in other it is QTY… So for such cases will BOT Identify? @pllo2ptk

Okay, so you have 2 types of format, am I right?
You can try “if” module → when Description is not found, find Description of product.

I cannot say only 2… it depends… each invoice format will be different @pllo2ptk

MSDN Library can helps a lot here:

So, U mean to say only if we know the different formats it might contain we can extract ? right? @pllo2ptk

Well, UiPath robot is not self-learning robot (at this moment). So you must give him all information to get data.

Sometimes you can get data by knowing the positions of text, sometimes by part of text (like above) with Regex option.

Yes Exactly… i wanted to know if there any way to do so… I wanted to check the feasibility before getting into project. Thanks a lot . :slight_smile: @pllo2ptk

You are welcome

try to use Regular expression
there is lot of option available in the uipath
now i’m giving a example using regex.


Bagish ojha

@bagishojha Thank you … I will try

Hi @Sailaja_Chikkam,

The invoices are in the pdf file or in Excel file ?


PDF file @balupad14

you have 2 options

1. Read the text from the pdf and do the manipulation on it to get the data.

2.Search the text in the pdf (I am working on it, I will let you once finished.)


Yes… here searching the text in PDF (text can be Product/DESC/Description/Description of Product/Description of work)… Can be anything because each invoice is different from other but the meaning is same for everything. @balupad14

yes @Sailaja_Chikkam. You are right . we need to create a configuration object (may be in xml or excel) . based on that we need to search the text in the pdf. One thing is an important. The pdf quality should be in good even if it is a scanned one. Because the bad scanned quality will return the junk characters.


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How to create configuration object in Excel? @balupad14

Hi @Sailaja_Chikkam

Like this


How do you search the text in the pdf?


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Find Text Exists ? Right? @balupad14