Invoice processing unstructured format with combination of all scanned PDF,image PDF,and Same ordered pdf all those type of documents placed in single folder

Hi Guys,

I need to build invoice data Bot that needs to extract data from all types of documents whether its scanned PDF, image, or in any format.That need to collect data’s from unstructured format without any error.Whenever i change any document of any type also it need to collect data’s without any issues.

If anyone knows please guide me on this

Hi @Dinesh_S2

You can perform that process including Intelligent OCR activities in your solution. Here is a tutorial about how to configure it.

So far, Intelligent OCR only accepts PDF an images, if you have another document type probably is going to throw an exception.



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Hi @AndresTarazona

Thanks for comments, but now days company dealing with many different types of invoices. For those different invoices it’s difficult to build separate bot to automate.

Hi @Dinesh_S2 ,
we just released our custom activity component for UI Path today. Capturefast can help extracting any information from different type of invoices.
have a look :


May i know how to integrate with RPA. Is tat possible to extract different PDF format for processing Specific data

You coul try to use the API dedicated to extract data from invoices, it is provided by UIPath under the same package, it is named Intelligent form extractor.

I supose that you are using different forms, but the data to extract it is almost the same, names, invoice number, values… You can find all of those fields using the Intelligent Form Extractor.


Hi @AndresTarazona Do u have invoice process bot for above intelligent form extractor it would be helpful for me to understand the process

I have planes to upload a new video explain that topic soon, I’ll notified you to get you informed.

Hi @Dinesh_S2,
You can either visit our web site or UI Path component page. You can find detailed information.
Here :


Hi Andres Tarazona.
That will be so good to know how to get data from different format invoice which I want to do it as you explained on the video

@AndresTarazona I’m too eager to learn it

@AndresTarazona If u release video soon it would be more helpful…Thanks in advance

@AndresTarazona In this video u shared u have mentioned “filepath” as argument…But it could not able to find exact path and throwing error…How to add filepath…

And using same technique whether i could able to iterate many invoices??

Hi @Dinesh_S2

About the file path you only have to put your file path as string (i.e. C:\Invoices\Invoice1.pdf or C:\Invoices\Invoice2.png)

About the second question, you may noticed the workflow was builded as a sequence that you can invoke in another part of the project. Depend on your needs, you can invoke it inside a For Each activity to iterate it by each file.

I hope I have resolved your doubts, and I’m open to new ones