Screen versus data scraping - need help

Hello all,

I am using screen scraping for one field on a website. The field’s contents vary per the item in question as below, and there is only ever one piece of data in the field

USD 177.43
USD 100.00
USD 95.00

These are just examples. The issue I’m having is that, when using screen scraping if the contents are not an exact match with whatever I scraped when I created the screen scrape, I get an error message:

Get Full Text ‘SPAN’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

How do I resolve this issue and what is the best method given this circumstance?

Thank you in advance

Hi, Are you able to tell us what your selector for get full text is? sounds if this needs updating with a wildcard so instead of a select that says aaname=“USD 177.43” it would say aaname=“USD*”

@cwedl - Thank you, I wasn’t sure what you might need. I looked at the selector screen and you were right. It said “USD 177.73” or the like and I changed it, as you suggested, to “USD *”

That should work, thank you for your help!

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