Pick Branch Activity is not stable?

Hi all,

I’m using pick branch activity to check on the website element either A or B is exist, if A exist, then take A action; if B exist, then take B action. However, the workflow is very unstable. it may suddenly stop running and terminated with unexpected exception or no reason. Do you have any idea that what happen? how to adjust on it? Kindly advice. Thanks.


Hi @Joeysugar

Are you using an If-Else activity to start off the workflow? The best way to deal with exceptions is to test modularly. Create an environment where the condition will ALWAYS be A, test the If-Else to ensure the workflow goes into the A action every time, then test the A action for the expected behavior. Then do the same thing for the B condition. This way you may be able to isolate the exception cases and debug your process from there.

Hope that helps,

I have the same issue, that i have a “Find Element” in each branch for trigger, to check if there is datatable available in a web page or not.

I have 500 items to check, it succeeded 372 items, but suddenly stopped responding at the 373th item, without throwing any error nor robot service stop responding. It just stopped there and no notification from Orchestrator.

Both “Find Element” activities are using default timeout 30s, so I don’t understand why there is a reason it can get stuck there.

Can someone help on this?

Ben Wong