Parallel activity - execute single branch


I want to use parallel activity but i dont want to execute all the branches. My different branches in parallel activity have different element exist. I want that if one element is found it should execute that branch and should not execute other branches.

Please help if its possible to achieve this


-Drag a Parallel activity onto your workflow
-Add Branches: Within the Parallel activity, add the branches that you want to run in parallel.
-In Each Branch:
Add an “Element Exists” activity (or a suitable activity for checking the existence of an element) in each branch.
-Set Conditions:
Set the condition for each branch based on the result of the “Element Exists” activity. For example, if you are checking for the existence of an element with the UiPath selector.

ElementExists("myElement") = True

If this condition is true, the activities within that branch will be executed.

-Configure Else Branch (Optional)
If you want to handle the case where none of the elements are found, you can add an “Else” branch to the Parallel activity.


Branch 1 (Condition: ElementExists("Element1") = True)
        activities to execute if Element1 exists 

    Branch 2 (Condition: ElementExists("Element2") = True)
        .activities to execute if Element2 exists

    Branch 3 (Condition: ElementExists("Element3") = True)
        activities to execute if Element3 exists
    activities to execute if none of the elements exist


It may be better to use Parallel activity to only identify which element exists as the following.
(Please set True at Condition property of Parallel activity. It will exit if one of branch is completed)


Hi @garimavarshney9 ,

Pick Activity would be suitable for your requirement.

Parallel : it will process all the Braches
Pick : it will process only first condition satisfied

Hope this will helps you.

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Some documentation about “Pick” activity

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