Pick Branch triggers - Find Element's timeout is breaking it - it won't cancel

Hi, I would like to just lift up this problem I am having now also.
Here in an old thread the users found some dirty workarounds, but I believe this needs attention of the Product team, hence creating new thread in Feedback channel

@loginerror I will leave it up to you if you want to merge this post with the post below but we need some attention on this… Thanks! :slight_smile:

Aha, so it turned out my Pick activity is actually not having issues with Find Element, it works fine, but is not working due to Wait For Download activity.

I have these three triggers: Delay (for complete timeout), Find Element (to find an popup error that is present in the moment of testing) and Wait For Download.

If I delete the Wait For Download, the Fidn Element (error) in the middle one is indicated properly, all works as expected.
But in the way how it is now - as you see on the screenshot - it just get stuck and the Find Element stops working no matter how long or short timeout I put here (even 100 miliseconds).

Also (nice to haves:)

  • Pick branch cannot be easily Disabled so in order to temporary disable it I need to Create new Pick activity, insert that pick branch in and then comment the whle thing jesus christ
  • It would be SO MUCH NICER if the branches are aligned on top.

end of feedback :wink:

If anyone is curious how to workaround untill UiPath will fix this:

  • before the pick activity I used For Each File In Folder and inside - Delete File (to clean up the folder)
  • then instead of Wait For Download I put a while loop with Condition Directory.GetFiles(name of th directory).Count > 0 and inside few seconds Delay activity

So in case there is new file, the while loop will break and this will trigger the 3rd branch.

How easy…