Pick Branch activity Issue


I want to extract data from multiple document, for that I have used “Pick and Pick Branch” activities to identity the document type and process further. It is running fine for the first iteration but I am facing an issue that its not going to second iteration and not showing any error after the first iteration but staying in execution state for undefined time.

Can anyone suggest the solution for why its staying undefined time after the first execution and how can I use this for rest of the iterations.


Can you maybe post a screenshot of your flow?

Pick Branch selects first of the branches that is completed. Based on your description it sounds like no branch is completed and hence it only waits. Check the timeout of each branch. I also like to create a separate branch just having a Delay activity that acts as a timeout for the whole Pick activity.

There are a few possible reasons why your Pick and Pick Branch activities are not going to the second iteration and are staying in the execution state for an undefined time after the first iteration

Infinite loop:

Your Pick and Pick Branch activities may be creating an infinite loop. This can happen if the Pick and Pick Branch activities are not properly configured or if there is a bug in your workflow.


Your Pick and Pick Branch activities may be creating a deadlock. This can happen if two Pick and Pick Branch activities are trying to access the same resource at the same time.


Your Pick and Pick Branch activities may be timing out. This can happen if the Pick and Pick Branch activities are taking too long to execute or if there is a network problem.

Check in these aspects and let us know

Cheers @raju_alakuntla

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

Can you please help me to find the bug in workflow, how to configure the pick/pick branch activities properly and how to find the time out for these?

above is the workflow screenshot.


Can you also let us know the timeout for the Element Exists activities in the Triggers?

I haven’t used time out for any activity.


Then it uses the timeout mentioned in project settings. Have you updated it, or are you using the default 30 seconds?

I haven’t changed any settings. its 30 seconds only.


In that case there should be a maximum of 30 seconds before continuing to an Action.

Are there any delays/Timeouts used in the Action parts?

Also, I suggest you to add some logging to the Action of each PickBranch in order to understand better what happens, or to run the workflow in Debug mode.

I ran the workflow in debug mode and it came out from the Pick activity and also executed the “Add Data Row”. Then after it stayed undefined time.

If the document for first iteration not found then its going for the second. but I don’t know why its not going for the second iteration if the document is found in the first iteration.


What do you mean by iteration in this case? Are you using some kind of a loop?

yeah, I am extracting data from some documents using the loop for the documents.

Can you share more of your flow to get a better understanding?

can we connect in google meet once if you are ok

Sorry, but currently that’s not possible for me.

If you can share more screenshots, or xaml files, maybe we are able to find a solution for you.

On which activity does it stop? Do you acknowledge the Message boxes? As one possibility is that a Message Box is behind the Studio window and forces the execution to wait until you click on OK.

I am clicking on each pop up of message boxes but after the pick activity execution it has stopped but not showing on which activity it has stopped.

If you have difficulties in finding the specific activity it’s stopping on, add a breakpoint on first activity, start debugging and once Debugger stops, click on “Step over” until you are on the step where your workflow stops.

I have used breakpoint outside the Pick activity as you said.
Now I got this error popup. After this popup, I clicked on Ok then its staying undefined time.

What should I do to correct this?