Persistance must be configured error


I can not get rid of this error!

I have activated the persistance but still get it. What can i do?

Could it be the case that any Wait/resume activities are used within the invoked workflow?

I am using it in reframework so this is called in process flow

Unfortunately it does not answer the question.

Do you have used any Wait/resume activities in XAMLs which are not flagged as Main Entry point (e.g. Main.xaml)?

Take a look at this thread.
There were a few resolutions.

Nothing is invoked

So this persistance can not be used in ref?

there is an invoke:

it is using Wait/Resume in XAMLs others as flagged as Main Entry Point. So it is causing this issue

“I am using it in reframework so this is called in process flow” i said that.

Basically it is impossible to be used in ref?

we do see the usage not on xaml as marked as main entry point:

However, everything was said about the issue.

So if i enable entry point for Process flow should work? Or this can be used only in Main.

This was not stated and was not mentioned

Before doing any steps too fast and unplanned, just do a reread on the essentials

And the related process pattern

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OK! Thank you!