Issue while invoking workflow containing “Wait for Form Task and Resume” activity

Hi All,

I need to use “Wait for Form Task and Resume” activity in an invoked workflow of REF Main.xaml. While trying to do this I’m getting an error like this " Invoke Workflow File: An extension of type ‘UiPath.Activities.Contracts.Persistence.IPersistenceBookmarks’ must be configured in order to run this workflow". This activity is working fine in “Main.xaml”. I have already changed the Json settings and also enabled the “Supports Persistence” in the Project settings. Can anybody help me to solve this?

I’m right there with you. I’m receiving the same error when using Invoke Process. No offense UiPath (which means you should be offended at your own poor performance UiPath!), this whole “Process Orchestration” is very convoluted. It’s much faster to build a custom delicious web-app for “human in the loop”. Give Invoke Process a try instead @Laya, you might have better luck

@Laya - Actually, it may solve it if you use “Invoke Parallel Process”. Just worked for me. This is still silly.

@MattTheList Thanks a lot for the reply. Definitely I’ll try this.